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As the Mitchell ran chaotically adrift down the river,

onlookers and military rescue helicopters hovered helplessly above. Local news documented while the boat slammed into four different bridges along the way. Unknowing of what they were about to find, search teams were deployed to finally rein in the old boat.

Live News Coverage

wreaked havoc

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Although no one was thought to be aboard at the time,
the boat’s ultimate demise
would reveal a much different story
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Upon entering the ship after its erratic journey, search team members would be sickened by the sinister macabre in front of them. What they found was not only that there were people aboard but that their bodies had been tortured and mangled to an unimaginable degree.

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The William S. Mitchell Vintage Photo
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Both the Captain and presumably, Anna, perished during the Mitchell Massacre
Anna’s body was never recovered.
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