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first deck

The USS Nightmare First Deck


Enter at your own risk. You'll find your way through the engine room and the boiler room, among others, riddled with remnants of the Mitchell's dark, sinister past.


Experience the aftermath of the Mitchell Massacre firsthand as you look into the dead eyes of the William S. Mitchell's crewmembers. Pray your fate doesn't end like theirs.


The sprawling first deck of the Mitchell is terrifyingly expansive which makes finding your way to the closest escape point nearly impossible.

second deck

The USS Nightmare Second Deck


If you make it this far, you'll make your way up a corridor situated around the Mitchell's enormous paddlewheel. This is where dead bodies were found hanging in the freezer after the Mitchell Massacre.


The second deck is where the infamous "clowns" were discovered burned and mangled in the wake of the Mitchell Massacre. Captain Mitchell and Anna also await you here...


The second deck unnervingly twists and turns, disorienting anyone and everyone trying to find their way out. You will welcome the idea of jumping ship early.
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Captain Samuel "Steely Sam" Sinclair

The esteemed pilot aboard the dredge William S. Mitchell

Captain Samuel "SteelySam" Sinclair, the esteemed pilot aboard the dredge William S. Mitchell, was a man of both extraordinary skill and intriguing mystery.  Born in 1901, he grew up in a small town near the Mississippi where he developed an unyielding fascination with steamboats.  

Sam's journey on the river began as a deckhand on a sternwheeler, where he quickly impressed the crew with his exceptional talent for navigating treacherous waters. With each passing voyage, he earned the respect and admiration of his fellow crewmembers, who came to rely on his expertise during challenging river conditions.

In 1934, a pivotal year for both the steamboat industry and the dredging operations, the William S. Mitchell set sail for the first time, destined to play a significant role in shaping the river's landscape. It was then that Captain Sam found his true calling as the pilot of this remarkable vessel. The crew soon discovered that under his steady hand, the William S. Mitchell maneuvered through even the narrowest of channels with unparalleled precision, earning him the nickname "Steely Sam" among his crewmembers.

As the years passed, Captain Sinclair's prowess as a pilot only grew, and the crew looked up to him as a mentor and guardian angel.

However, there was an air of enigma that surrounded Captain Sam. His dark, brown eyes seemed to hold secrets of the river's past, and whispers of his uncanny ability to foresee impending dangers spread among the crew. Some even claimed that he could communicate with the river itself, seeking its guidance in times of uncertainty. While some of these accounts were surely embellished tales born from admiration and superstition, the truth was that Captain Sam possessed an almost supernatural intuition that served him well during perilous voyages.

Throughout his illustrious career, Captain Sinclair encountered the wrath of countless storms that tested the resolve of both the crew and the boat itself. Yet, using his intimate understanding of the river’s currents, bends and ever-changing landscapes he fearlessly navigated the William S. Mitchell safely through the harrowing of situations, earning him a reputation as a hero among the crew.

During those unforgiving storms,Steely Sam's bravery knew no bounds. He risked his life on numerous occasions to ensure the safety of his crew, demonstrating a selfless determination that inspired all who sailed with him. His calm and unwavering presence in the face of danger provided the crew with a sense of security not often felt on the cursed vessel.

Beyond his exceptional piloting skills, Captain Sam was known for his kind and compassionate nature. He treated his crew like family, ensuring their well-being and fostering a sense of camaraderie aboard the William S. Mitchell.

As the years passed, CaptainSinclair's prowess as a pilot only grew, and the crew looked up to him as a mentor and guardian angel. He imparted his knowledge to the new generation of pilots, ensuring that his legacy of expertise and bravery would endure beyond his active years.

Come aboard, if you dare, to immerse yourself in the captivating tales of Samuel "Steely Sam" Sinclair; you will hear of his heroic actions during the fiercest storms, his unwavering bravery that saved countless lives, and his extraordinary skills that tamed the notorious “Death Dredge”. Step into the world of a true river legend, where the echoes of Steely Sam's adventures and enduring legacy still resonate.  Feel the spirit of Captain Sinclair as you explore the vessel that was both his nemesis and his conquest. It is an opportunity to connect with the past, to stand in the presence of maritime history, and to pay homage to the indomitable spirit of Samuel "Steely Sam"Sinclair and the dredge that bore witness to his extraordinary feats.


So, set your course and venture forth, for the legends of Steely Sam and the “Death Dredge” await your discovery.May you be inspired by the courage of this legendary pilot and the untamed waters that shaped his remarkable journey.

The Mysterious Barkeep

A Deal with the Devil

Known for his special blend of hooch and uncanny ability to win at games of chance played in the hidden speakeasy, the Barkeep's popularity among the crew was undeniable. Not one to divulge too much personal information, the mysterious man was known only by Tappy among the crew.  Nestled away in the steamboat's service area, behind walls above the boilers, he crafted his concoctions away from the captain's prying eyes. Only invited crew members were privy to the secret entrance hidden within the closets of the crew quarters, leading to this tempting den of indulgence.

Amidst the horror of CaptainMitchell's sinister exploits and demonic experiments, whispers of a time when he struck a contract with dark forces spread like wildfire. Rumor had it that he signed a blood pact with none other than the devil himself. But what few knew was that there was another player in this diabolical game, a cunning and charming agent of the underworld, sent to collect the captain's soul.

Not one to divulge too much personal information, the mysterious man was known only by Tappy among the crew.

Disguised as a suave and well-dressed man, this demon assumed the identity of a barman, subtly setting up a speakeasy of sorts to evade the lingering effects of prohibition. PerhapsCaptain Mitchell was aware of the hidden room's existence, but he deemed it prudent to allow his crew the small luxury, or maybe he simply didn't care.Whatever the case, this cunning Barkeep began enacting his plan to killMitchell and retrieve his soul for his dark master.


Under the guise of hospitality, Tappy entangled a nameless woman on board, known only for her friendly nature and signature red dress in his plan. One black and fateful night, he persuaded her to sneak a cask of liquor to the night watchman, enticing him with the promise of lifting his spirits. The unsuspecting watchman accepted the offering, leading to the infamous Mitchell Massacre and resulting in the deaths of numerous crewmembers, with blame conveniently falling on the watchman for negligence and dereliction of duty.

Tappy's plan nearly succeeded, but Captain Mitchell proved as cunning as he was monstrous. The demon's efforts to claim the captain's soul failed, and instead, Tappy found himself trapped on the foul and death-ridden husk of a ship. Bound for eternity, the demon would be condemned to sail with the infernal crew, unable to return to his master's domain.


Still, the Barkeep tried to win his master's favor by luring unsuspecting souls to the ship.  These unfortunate guests, invited by the captain himself, had no idea of the peril that awaited them as they ventured onto the dreaded “Death Dredge”.  Night after night, Tappy reveled in his sinister domain, dancing between charming guests and cursing them in the next breath. Innocuous drinks turned deadly, costing some their very souls.


As you step back in time and embark on an unforgettable journey through the chilling corridors of the historic steamboat dredge, prepare yourself for an experience like no other.Behold the enigmatic "Death Dredge," where reality blurs with darkness, and the echoes of the past intertwine with the mysteries of the supernatural.


Come and wander through the hallowed halls, but be cautious of the alluring yet deceptive Barkeep, whose charm may lead you astray. Are you ready to face the treacherous plots that have ensnared those who fell under the sway of his demonic wiles and otherworldly allure?

Lady In Red

The mysterious "Lady in Red"

The mysterious "Lady in Red," shrouded in whispers and rumors, remains an enigma aboard the infamous William S. Mitchell steamboat dredge. In the shadows of the late1940s, she graced the vessel with an aura of alluring secrecy, leaving the crew captivated and intrigued.

Little is known about her origins or true identity, and she preferred to keep it that way. The crew speculated she might be a mistress of Captain Mitchell, but she reveled in the mystery, letting them believe what they wished. "Lady in Red" was the name they bestowed upon her, for she always adorned herself in striking crimson attire, further adding to her allure.

In reality, the "Lady in Red" was not human at all. She was, in fact, a succubus demon named Azza, the first of her kind to pass through the portal opened accidentally by the Dredge Master.

Captain Mitchell himself couldn't recall how she came aboard, yet her popularity and influence with the crew led him to pretend that he knew all about her, adding to the mystique that surrounded her.  A few crewmembers dared to call her Eliza, a name she used when interacting with them in her human form. However, the truth was far more sinister. In reality, the "Lady in Red" was not human at all.  She was, in fact, a succubus demon named Azza, the first of her kind to pass through the portal opened accidentally by the Dredge Master.

Azza's purpose in the human realm was to seduce and steal the souls of mortals, fueling the portal's power to allow more powerful demons to enter. Alongside her accomplice, the Barkeep, she helped hide a clandestine Speakeasy where the crew could indulge in revelry.The special drinks served by the Barkeep, Tappy, made the crew more vulnerable to Azza's irresistible charms, making their souls ripe for the taking. Azza's intricate web of seduction and deceit intertwined with the crew's fate, turning them into her unwitting pawns in a dangerous game of souls and secrets.  Only a select few crew members knew the truth, and one of her trusted allies was the steersman, who provided her with weak souls.

But there was one member of the crew she could not capture—the night watchman. Instead of falling under her spell, he fell in love with her. Bewildered by this newfound emotion, she tried to dismiss it but could not elude the uneasiness it brought. Determined to ease her discomfort, she set out to ruin him. Working with the Barkeep on an evil plot, she manipulated the steersman into sidetracking the pilot in the speakeasy while she distracted the watchman, resulting in the disastrous Mitchell Massacre. The watchman attempted to call for help, but with the pilot and steersman under Azza's control in the comfort of the Barkeep’s Speakeasy, no one received the distress signal resulting in the blaming of the night watchman.

Embark on a spine-tingling journey unlike any other as you step aboard the infamous "DeathDredge" – once known as the venerable William S. Mitchell. The haunted steamboat dredge beckons the brave-hearted to uncover the dark secrets that shroud the tragic tale of the "Lady in Red."

With each step of yourself-guided tour, the eerie atmosphere will envelop you, and the chilling mysteries surrounding the Lady in Red's malevolent legacy will unfold before your very eyes. Traverse the creaking decks and dimly lit corridors as the haunting stories of the past echo through the haunted chambers.

Feel the hair on your neck rise as you delve deeper into the history of this ghostly vessel, unearthing the chilling events that have left their spectral imprints on its rusted hull. But beware, for the ghostly apparitions of the past may not be the only entities lingering aboard.

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