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USS Nightmare

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Can you feel that crisp cool air that beckons forth the sinister season of Halloween and Haunted Attractions here in the tri-state? We are looking forward to seeing all the attractions and sharing with everyone what we find.
City Blood Ohio Season Review
2010 Season Review .pdf

Ohio Haunts Rankings:
USSN: Current Overall Leader! .pdf
CityBeat Rating: R
Many board the Captain’s boat, and few leave unchanged. The USS Nightmare stands out as the region’s most original and bizarre attraction. MORE's Visitors' Choice Awards: VOTE USSN!

Baltimore Scare Crew

Based in Baltimore, this group travels state-to-state to review some of the hottest haunts in the country. Stay tuned for their review of USS Nightmare.


Cincinnati Regional Association for Paranormal Studies
Join CRAPS as we investigate the Tri-State's urban legends. Come take a paranormal road trip!
... MORE

Review Archive:
2008 season REVIEW
5 out of 5 stars!
Being the only haunted house that floats has its advantages. The USS Nightmare is a B&B Riverboat that’s docked just below Newport on the Levee and takes on a decidedly waterborne theme, complete with crazy captain and some whacked crewmembers who apparently killed some of their passengers.
... MORE
Cincinnati Enquirer
2008 season REVIEW
Overall rating 10 out of 10! New for 2008: After 17 years as one of the nation's top-rated hauntings, producer Allen Rizzo continues to increase its surprises. The flow pattern is new, taking you through the bowels of the ship, past its horrific crew...MORE
2008 season REVIEW
9.53 out of 10! Now in its 17th season and rated as one of the best haunts by many in the haunt industry, USS Nightmare doesn’t disappoint....MORE
Kentucky Post

2008 season REVIEW
Prepare to have the living daylights scared out of you as you climb aboard the USS Nightmare. This year, the boat's past is coming to life or afterlife, as she tells the tale of her strange history...MORE

City Blood
2008 season REVIEW:
The USS Nightmare has been in business for 17 years and hasn't missed a beat yet. There's nothing like touring a mysterious boat infested by ghouls and creatures of the night. Are you ready to experience one of the nation's most unique haunts?... MORE
Decend Into Madness At..
2008 season REVIEW:
Walking into the Captain's Dining Room on the USS Nightmare is probably a lot like walking into the dining facilities for Officers on any other large ship... MORE
Haunted Cincinnati
2008 season REVIEW
Our visit to the dastardly dredge on its opening night started out with a dazzling fireworks display compliments of the Cincinnati Reds with Paul brown stadium in the background... MORE
St. Rita's Haunted House:
In the early 1900s, this haunted house served as a boys dormitory for St. Rita's School for the Deaf. Now it is one of the most frightening attractions in Cincinnati today...MORE
The House Of DOOM
2007 season REVIEW
Yes, that's the Nightmare's "Captain", Allen Rizzo, sucking down a burning banquet outside the Pickled Brothers Sideshow. What else could he do? The haunt reviewers had already inhaled all the rest of the food!... MORE
City Blood
2007 season REVIEW:
It was a warm and restless night down on the Ohio River. The wind was calm and something was in the air that night. We decided to head down to USS Nightmare that night and were pleasantly surprised by all the improvements that have been made to the old rustic steam boat... MORE
The News Record

As autumn is upon Cincinnati, leaves begin to change colors, the air becomes crisp and large, chainsaw-wielding men jump out at unsuspecting groups of people. The Halloween season has arrived ...

Cincinnati Enquirer

This 20,000-square-foot ship is three times bigger than last year. Think of any eerie theme, and the Nightmare probably has it: grave...


Where are the best screams to be heard? These are's best haunted houses for this Halloween season, as chosen in an online survey:... more

Jim Kramer

Jim Kramer Photography -
Freelance photography - Cincinnati, Ohio
USS Nightmare Infared:...

The Enquirer

First off, a warning: You might not want to be wolfing down Wheaties while reading this story. It's not that we're bent on ruining your breakfast, but this is Halloween, you know...

2008 season REVIEW
Overall rating 9+ out of 10! America's renowned Haunted Steamboat, formerly known as the William S. Mitchell. Gather your group in the designated Mitchell museum area for a seasonal photo opportunity that soon takes a wicked detour, and unleashes a startling surprise... MORE